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Essential Components of a Competitive Marketing Strategy

Creating a marketing plan has become a must for successfully running businesses. Whether to optimize the resources or save on cost, a competitive marketing strategy can help you in the long run. However, despite the availability of many resources, most businesses do not know the basic components of a marketing

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Market research industry trends

4 Most Brilliant Market Research Industry Trends for 2022

With the advent of digitization, and the emergence of a competitive era, market research became an immediate need of businesses. Market research and business research began to be prominent tools to identify the latest trends and market requirements. But, have you ever wondered what the newest market research industry trends

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Green Buildings

Green Buildings – A Hype or a Future?

As the world is advancing towards new technology, the concept of sustainable development is gaining high popularity. People are facilitating sustainability, whether we talk about water conservation, electricity from renewable resources, or electric equipment in place of fuel-based machines. Green buildings are also one of the aspects of sustainability in

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4 Most Amazing Retail Tech Trends in 2022

4 Most Amazing Retail Tech Trends in 2022

Digital transformation is happening in almost all sectors now, and the retail industry is no exception. Many retail tech trends are driving innovation and success in the retail sector. However, we all know that change is the only constant in today’s world! There are specific tech trends that have dominated

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